Get Up, Get Busy

Introducing mycharity: water.

In September of 2008, over 800 people gave up birthday gifts and asked for donations from friends, family and strangers. Together with matching gifts, almost $1,000,000 was raised to bring clean water to people in Ethiopia. We knew they were on to something. Since then, we’ve been busy building a website where everybody can give up their birthday, but also use weddings, anniversaries and holidays – run marathons, climb mountains and jump out of planes – or just create a fundraising page to give people clean drinking water. Join them.

About brock

Brock is currently the Executive Editor at Atlantic Media Strategies and former Chief Washington Correspondent for MSNBC; he is the founder/creator/editor of CyberWire Dispatch, the Net's pioneering online journalistic news service. Previously he was the Director of Communications for the Center for Democracy & Technology, a non-profit, Washington, D.C.-based public interest group working to keep the Internet open, innovative and free. The views expressed here are his alone and do not reflect the opinions, attitudes or policy positions of his employer(s) past or present.