“Gut Check America” is about that uneasy feeling we all have that we should be “doing more” but don’t.  It’s about coughing up the brutal truth that we here in the US just don’t (often enough) give a good goddamn about anything much beyond making it to Friday night, whether or not we’re gonna get laid on the weeked (or ever again… ) and if the team you bet on is going to beat the point spread.

You never read the international page–shame on you–you can’t tell the different between Ethiopia and Estonia, nor could you point out either on a world map.  Shame on you, twice.

If all that makes you uncomfortable, good.  It should.  I’m uncomfortable about my own lapses into apathy; this blog is an attempt to assuage some of that angst.  Now, get out of here and get busy caring, I mean really caring.  About anything.

About the Author

Brock is currently the Executive Editor at Atlantic Media Strategies and former Chief Washington Correspondent for MSNBC; he is the founder/creator/editor of CyberWire Dispatch, the Net's pioneering online journalistic news service. Previously he was the Director of Communications for the Center for Democracy & Technology, a non-profit, Washington, D.C.-based public interest group working to keep the Internet open, innovative and free. The views expressed here are his alone and do not reflect the opinions, attitudes or policy positions of his employer(s) past or present.